Developmental Coordination Disorder

Dyspraxia DCD



We have a number of additional Profilers coming online in 2020. These include:

ND App - for 7 - 16 year old, completed by parents

Dyslexia Screener - for teenagers

Study Skills - for students

Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder

  • There are 1 million adults in the UK with Dyspraxia/DCD 
  • DCD/Dyspraxia is not Cerebral Palsy or a stroke
  • People of all intellectual abilities can have Dyspraxia/DCD
  • It is internationally recognised by the World Health Organisation and American Psychiatric Association
  • For some people, their coordination challenges can affect everyday activities when studying, at work and/or leisure activities
  • Learning new skills can take a bit longer and may need some more practice
  • Challenges will vary from person to person and may change over time depending on environmental demands, life experience, and the support provided
  • Although ‘motor’ difficulties persist throughout life, ‘non-motor’ difficulties may become more prominent as expectations and demands change over time.

BUT with appropriate recognition, reasonable adjustments, and support people you can have a very successful life.

People with DCD/Dyspraxia are often:

  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Persistent
  • Empathic

Dyspraxia/DCD Screener

Who is this for?

The Dyspraxia/DCD screener is for anyone who thinks they may have DCD and wants to check it out.

Will it diagnose dyspraxia (DCD)?

A diagnosis of DCD, as with other neurodiverse conditions can only be provided by appropriately qualified specialists. The report from the Dyspraxia screener will confirm areas of challenges relating to motor difficulties and note similarities of the pattern of traits relating to dyspraxia/DCD. The report can be used to discuss adjustments and support and can be a basis to discuss if a further referral may be necessary.

What do I get if I complete it?

You will have:

  • A quick indicator of the level and patterns of challenges.
  • A short report with scoring and some initial guidance dependent on your responses.