We have a number of additional Profilers coming online in 2020. These include:

ND App - for 7 - 16 year old, completed by parents

Dyslexia Screener - for teenagers

Study Skills - for students

R&D of Workplace Plus

We are occasionally asked about the research behind the Workplace Plus Profiler.

We are proud of the work that has gone into the development of all of our Profiler tools and they are today the consequence of more than 10 years of development, research, and clinical practice, working collaboratively with those who are Neurodiverse and with employers supporting people into, an in the workplace.

In addition, we have also crunched numbers. So, as well as more than 8000 individuals having passed through the clinics of the developers, creating a wealth of background understanding, we have also been collecting data from Profiler itself, comparing the results of Profiler to those of external diagnoses.

Workplace Plus Profiler takes a biopsychosocial approach – understanding the pattern of strengths and challenges for the person in the context of employment.  It is less about saying you have X or Y condition but more about supporting you depending on your specific profile.