ND App

The Neurodiversity
Strengths and Challenges Screener


We have a number of additional Profilers coming online in 2020. These include:

ND App - for 7 - 16 year old, completed by parents

Dyslexia Screener - for teenagers

Study Skills - for students


July 2019

“This is one clever little app! It only takes a few minutes and produces a remarkably accurate picture of where one sits at various points of the neurodiversity spectrum. This app is a must-have for anyone seeking insight into their ADHD, ASD, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia traits.”

Melinda Howton
Founder of Planet Neurodivergent


12 July 2019

“I love this app…. I could see this being really useful if there was one for younger children that created the visuals at the end for parents to see… also very easy to use and like that it downloads into an easy PDF at the end. It helped me to better understand me and provide me with some useful tips to help……”

Kerrie Highcock
Family Development Manager North East Autism Society



19 June 2019

“The ND Profiler app is well designed and has excellent features. There is a good introduction and it is very user friendly. Although it is not offering a diagnosis, it helps users to identify where they may be displaying traits of ND conditions. The charts are easy to understand and the report is emailed to the user and can be used as a catalyst when going to a GP as a starting point.”

Katy Samuels
Employment & Development Coordinator Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru



19 June 2019

“The app was easy to use and gave me a clear reminder of my strengths and challenges – and also some tips on what to do next. The information was presented in an easy to digest way, with a mixture of sound, visual and text input. The information was just enough without being overwhelming and has given me a confidence boost reflecting on the things I do well.”

Kate Gilbert
Head of Business Development Genius Within CIC



11 June 2019

“The app is quick and easy to use with a voice over feature that makes it very suitable for anyone with reading difficulties. It can be stopped and started if needed – useful if you are doing it on your phone. Results are colourfully presented so that they are readily understood. Not all adults need a full diagnostic assessment and this will be a helpful starting point for those who need signposting for additional support.”

Katrina Cochrane MA, PGCE, PG(Dip) Dyslexia, CCET, APC, AMBDA, FRSA



7 June 2019

“This digital app is a phenomenal game changer – having worked in Criminal Justice and with complex people, Neurodiversity assessment and identification is a very costly, time consuming and complex process. The assessment process in this app and the person centred report, offers a truly unique, cost effective and time saving foundation for all professionals and participants to learn from and move forward with. I will be using this within all our projects moving forwards” 

Justin Coleman
Alliance of Sport