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Important Announcement

As of November the 23rd 2020 the Dyspraxia (DCD) Screener will no longer be free, and will be charged at a cost of £4.78 inc VAT.

This is to support continued development of this product.

If you purchased a licence prior to the cost changes you will continue to be able to use your free licence until the end of your licence date.

Thank you for your support.


Neurodiversity is, as the name suggests, a term which expresses the fact that all of our brains (neuro) are wired differently (diverse). Originally used in the late 1990s in particular with those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it is now used for a wider collection of conditions including dyslexia, dyspraxia (DCD or Developmental Coordination Difficulties), ADHD and language disorders. The common factor with these “labels” is that they all use a series of traits to identify/diagnose the condition but you do not need to show all of those conditions to have that “classification”. This, of course, highlights that everybody is different – neurodiverse. So, for example, no two dyslexia individuals are the same. Once we understand this, then we can focus on the specific problems rather than try to make assumptions about what may be the difficulties based on some generalised classification. That is, the labels may be very good (in current circumstances) to open funding pots, but may be limited in the provision of support.


The Neurodiversity Children’s Profiler (for parents) provides guidance based upon these principles, offering feedback from specific responses. However, it does also provide a summary of traits, since we also understand that people sometimes need labels.